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Ready-Mixed Concrete

High quality ready-mixed concrete - ‘Hoddacrete’

Hoddam Contracting Co. Ltd have been supplying high quality ready-mixed concrete (known locally as ‘Hoddacrete’) throughout south-west Scotland and Cumbria for over 50 years.

Hoddacrete ready-mixed concrete is made using sand and gravel from our quarries and is mixed on site from our batching plants at Kilblane or Ecclefechan. These include precise mixtures and reduced work-site congestion. A quality concrete is delivered, there is no need to store aggregates, sand, cement or admixtures and there is no need to buy or hire concrete mixing equipment.

Hoddacrete offers a variety of ready mix concrete for different applications. These include: housing concrete, foundation slabs, floor slabs, agricultural concrete for sheds, silage pits and slurry tanks, industrial concrete for civil and construction developments.

Hoddacrete concrete is accredited by QSRMC to meet the required BS EN ISO 9001:2015, giving assurance that customer requirements and contract specifications will be fully met.

Whether your enquiry is for a domestic use or a highly technical specific project, our highly experienced technical staff are on hand to help you.

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Please contact us for further information on ready mix concrete in Cumbria and Scotland.

Hoddam Contracting QSRMC Certification Mark
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