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Bagged Aggregates

Bagged Aggregates from our quarry in Dumfries

We have installed a bagging plant at our Quarry in Dumfries and bag our own sand and gravel in bulk bags and in 25kg tunnel bags, meaning we can offer bagged aggregates to our customers.

The range of products available are:

  • Washed concrete and building sand
  • Sub-bases
  • 10/5mm gravel
  • 20/10mm gravel
  • 40/20mm gravel
  • 10/5mm sand & gravel mixed
  • 20/10mm sand & gravel mixed

Also available are 14mm and 20mm Red Chips and Granite Chips in bulk bags and 25kg bags.

Hoddam Contracting Bulk Bag Aggregates


Hoddam Contracting Washed Concrete Sand
0/4mm CP Washed Concrete Sand
Hoddam Contracting 10-20mm Gravel
10/20mm Gravel
Hoddam Contracting Dry Screened Building Sand
0/2 MP Dry Screened Building Sand
Hoddam Contracting Dalbeattie Granite
14mm or 20mm Dalbeattie Granite
Hoddam Contracting Mixed All In Aggregates
10mm or 20mm All In
Hoddam Contracting Red Chips
14mm or 20mm Red Chips
Hoddam Contracting Gravel
4/10mm Gravel
Hoddam Contracting Granular Sub-Base
Type 1 Granular Sub-Base
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