Hoddam Contracting Co. Ltd moved from making wet cast paving slabs to hydraulic pressed paving slabs in 2006 and has grown and grown in this market ever since supplying concrete paving products throughout Scotland, Cumbria and the North of England.

Precast concrete paving slabs are produced and marketed in various sizes and finishes. Hoddam Concracting Co. Ltd precast concrete products are designed to enable the user versatility in the construction industry. British Standard Paving Slabs are ideal for hard wearing, heavy duty municipal applications whereas Decorative Paving may be considered better suited to domestic applications.

Our precast concrete products are manufactured using our own sand and gravel aggregates and cement to produce concrete, which is subsequently hydrated and cured to form a homogeneous unit.

British Standard paving product information

All the units comply with the BSEN1339 specification for flatness.

Size (mm) 450x450 600x600 900x600
Finish Standard Standard Standard
Thickness (mm) 50 50 50
Weight (kg) 23 41 64
Units/m2 (approx) 4.94 2.77 1.85
No. per pack 40 20 20
Pack Weight (kg) 920 820 1280
Colour Available Gy, Bf, Rd, Ch Gy, Bf, Rd, Ch Gy, Bf, Rd, Ch
Chamfered Available Yes Yes No

Gy - Grey/Natural, Bf - Buff, Rd - Red, Ch - Charcoal