Hoddam Contracting Co. Ltd manufacture concrete kerbs to suit many requirements from motorways to housing schemes.

In May 2014 we installed a new 3 mould hydraulic press supplied by Morris Brothers Ltd.

This has multiplied our production and the three basic profiles available are;


Half-Battered Kerb – they are commonly used where a footpath is adjacent to the carriageway.

Bullnosed Kerb – acts in a similar way to Half-Battered Kerbs, with the added benefit of maintaining a vehicle staying on the carriageway.

Splay Kerb – mainly used on high speed carriageways and where there are no adjacent footpaths.

Our straight kerbs are 914mm in length while the radius kerbs, designed to form curves of less than 12m radius, are shorter (mainly 780mm long).

Also available are Drop Kerbs and Transition Kerbs. Drop Kerbs are mainly used for a crossing point for pedestrians and Transition Kerbs are used to change the profile of the kerb face whilst not changing the overall height/dimensions.